Useful tips


Some days are easier than others. Fortunately, the FitForMe Team knows the struggle, often from personal experience. We have collected some tips to help you out.

Remember, every 1,000 mile journey begins with a single step. We are here to support you along the way.

Try these steps. Start with…

Good appetite

  • Did you know that your appetite behaves like a wave? It builds up first, goes to the highest possible point, and then disappears. If you manage to get past the high point, you can beat the appetite. Surf the urge!
  • Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. Eat something in advance. If you are going grocery shopping, limit your visits to the store to twice a week and bring your partner along.


  • Eat regularly: plan 3 main meals and 3 small snacks. Do you feel like eating again? Postpone this urge until your next meal.
  • Chew your food well and swallow it before putting the next bite on your fork or spoon.
  • If you find yourself eating too fast, eat in front of a mirror. Try using a small spoon and taking smaller bites of food.
  • Brush your teeth or take a shower. A simple trick that works!
  • Try to take smaller sips when you drink.

Take supplements

  • Take the supplement with a sip of water or sugar-free drink. Coffee can neutralize the taste and make intake easier.
  • If the supplement is too large to swallow at once, slide open the capsule and mix the powder with a bite of sugar-free apple sauce or anything else you like.
  • Do you often forget to take your supplements? Set an alarm on your phone or add a reminder to your calendar.


  • Drink something warm 15-30 minutes before eating, such as mint/chamomile tea or chicken stock.
  • Ginger oil or tea is good for nausea.
  • Do not take the capsule on an empty stomach. Take it 1 or 2 hours after a meal.


  • Get that pedometer out of the closet! After the first week, look at your average number of steps and try to add 500 steps a day the following week. Ten thousand steps a day is a great end goal.
  • Is walking too boring for you? Then invite a friend to come along or volunteer to walk your neighbor’s dog.
  • Smile a little more! Did you know that laughing 100 times burns the same number of calories as rowing for 10 minutes?

But also…

  • Plan a cheat meal. Denying yourself something will make you crave it, so allow yourself a tasty treat from time to time.
  • No one is perfect, so don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic standard. We are all human after all.

On behalf of your loyal supporters, good luck!

Need help? Email our customer service team. FitForMe is there for you with many more tips to support you on your journey!