WLS Optimum Capsules

  • Daily multivitamin for after a Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Band surgery
  • Contains 20 vitamins and minerals all in one capsule
  • Developed with the latest scientific research
  • No added sugar

Benefits of WLS Optimum

Optimum Multivitamins Capsules are specially formulated for after a Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Band operation. Optimum Capsules contain a carefully calibrated mix of 20 vitamins and minerals designed to help you meet your nutritional needs. It includes iron which is essential for blood production. Iodine and selenium support healthy thyroid gland function. It also contains B vitamins to boost energy production and assist in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

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Why should you use WLS Optimum Capsules

No matter which bariatric procedure you undergo, you can expect to consume less food following your surgery. This makes it difficult to meet your daily nutrient needs, and puts you at risk for nutritional deficiencies. It’s important to supplement possible shortages to maintain a healthy lifestyle and general wellbeing. WLS Optimum Capsules will ensure proper nutrition following your sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band surgery.

  • Specially developed for use after a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric band surgery
  • Scientifically Proven
  • One capsule a day

Optimum multivitamins are available as both capsule and a chewable tablet.

Table of contents

A daily dose of WLS Optimum (1 capsule) contains:

Vitamin A800 µg RE100%
Vitamin B12,75 mg250%
Vitamin B21,7 mg121%
Niacin (B3)25 mg NE156%
Pantothenic Acid (B5)9 mg150%
Vitamin B61.5 mg107%
Biotin (B8)150 µg300%
Folic Acid (B9)500 µg250%
Vitamin B12100 µg4000%
Vitamin C100 mg125%
Vitamin D375 µg1500%
Vitamin E15 mg α-TE125%

Chromium40 µg100%
Iron28 mg200%
Iodine150 µg100%
Copper1,9 mg190%
Manganese3 mg150%
Molybdenum50 µg100%
Selenium55 µg100%
Zinc28 mg280%
* RI = reference intake according to Regulation (EU) 1169/2011.


L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), ferrous fumarate, capsule (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose), zinc citrate, bulking agent (microcrystalline cellulose), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) (CORN), nicotinamide (niacin), D-alpha-tocopheryl acid succinate (vitamin E), flavour, cupric gluconate, retinyl palmitate (vitamin A) (CORN), manganese citrate, calcium-D-pantothenate (pantothenic acid), anti-caking agent (magnesium salts of fatty acids), stabiliser (silicon dioxide), sodium selenate, potassium iodide, thiamin hydrochloride (vitamin B1), pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (vitamin B6), chromium (III) chloride, riboflavin (vitamin B2), colour (iron oxide), pteroylmonoglutamic acid (folic acid), D-biotin (biotin), sodium molybdate (molybdenum (VI)), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

How to use WLS Optimum Capsules

  • Always read the label.
  • Follow the directions for use.
  • Vitamins and Minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

Recommended Dose

Adults – take 1 capsule once per day, with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

This product is not suitable for children under the age of 18 years.

WARNING : If you are pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant, do not take Vitamin A supplements without consulting your doctor or pharmacist. When taken in excess of 3000 micrograms retinol equivalents, Vitamin A can cause birth defects. The recommended daily amount of Vitamin A from all sources is 700 micrograms retinol equivalents for women and 900 micrograms retinol equivalents for men.

WARNING : This medicine contains selenium which is toxic in high doses. A daily dose of 150 micrograms for adults of selenium from dietary supplements should not be exceeded. Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Not for the treatment of iron deficiency conditions.

Intake Tips

  1. The capsule is best taken 1 to 2 hours after breakfast or 1 to 2 hours after lunch. In this way, the capsule is less heavy on the stomach.
  2. It is recommended to take the calcium tablet or a dairy product separately from your daily multivitamin, with a minimum of 2 hours between the moments of intake. Calcium inhibits the iron intake from your multivitamin if they are taken simultaneously.
  3. Moisten the capsule in the mouth so that the outer layer does not stick. In this way, the capsule slides more easily.
  4. When you swallow the capsule, it is best to place your chin to your chest instead of backward.
  5. Do not drink and eat large quantities immediately before, during and after taking the capsule. This way you avoid feeling nauseous.
  6. The capsule can be easily taken with the following foods and quantities:
    • a sip of water or other sugar-free drinks
    • tablespoon sugar-free fruit puree or other liquid foods.
  7. If you have trouble swallowing the capsule, you can also slide the capsule open and use only the content (in powder form) with the aforementioned liquid foods.
  8. You can contact our customer service to determine a suitable time for you to start with the supplements, in addition to your diet.
  9. In the unlikely event that taking the capsule does not go well, always contact our customer service by telephone or email. This way we can find a suitable and an appropriate solution together with you to facilitate your intake.

PLEASE NOTE: Sugar (also natural sugar) and foods rich in sugars can, after a bariatric operation, be heavy for your body. It is advisable to choose foods without sugars, to avoid nausea.

Storage Instructions

  • Store below 25°C (77°F) in a dry environment.
  • Keep out of the reach children.

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