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Why should I take calcium above my daily multivitamin?

Calcium is not included in the multivitamin because calcium decreases the absorption of iron. Iron is one of the ingredients in the multivitamin. In order to get enough calcium, it is important to take separate calcium supplements. The amount of calcium needed depends on the type or surgery. Above the calcium intake through food consumption, it is recommended to take 1500-2000 mg/day. Absorption is optimal when taking 500 mg at a time, as the body is unable to absorb more at once. That is why it is best to space out the dosages at least two hours apart. The calcium citrate in the FitForMe products is a form of calcium that is the least associated with negative side effects and can be taken with or without food.

How should I take my multivitamin?

It is best to take the capsules with a sip of water or sugar-free drink. As a last resort, you can slide open the capsule and mix the contents with a sugar-free juice or anything else you like. You can easily chew the chew tablet. The ferro tablet, that should be taken together with the chew tablet, is best taken with a sip of water or sugar-free drink.

What are the differences in the calcium supplements?

Calcium Forte and the Calcium Soft Chew are the same in composition. The difference between these two is the texture of the tablet; Calcium Soft Chew is a soft tablet, whereas Calcium Forte is a hard tablet. Calcium Plus is also a hard tablet, with a different composition, it contains half the amount of calcium, compared to the Calcium Forte and Calcium Soft Chew.

Why do I receive extra Vitamin A with my WLS Maximum?

We have added Vitamin A to the WLS Maximum package, because people with a biliopancreatic diversion (with duodenal switch) need high amounts of vitamin A in their supplement, because absorption is decreased. This large dosage simply did not fit in the capsule. Furthermore, the maximum dosage in a food supplement is determined by the law in the Netherlands. A higher dosage in the capsule is not approved. That is why you receive a free additional Vitamin A tablet.

How can I use the protein powder?

Preferably early in the morning, after physical activity, between in between meals or before going to sleep. Dissolve 30 grams of Pure Whey Protein in 200ml of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk or in water. For optimal results, mix the Whey Protein Shake with a shaker or blender.

Why is protein powder important?

Protein is important for maintaining strong bones and muscle building. Especially, when you lose a lot of weight very rapidly, in the first two years after surgery, it is important to lose fat tissue and not muscle tissue.

How should the protein powder be dosed?

In consultation with your dietician, you can determine how many grams you need per day to optimally supplement your nutrition. This depends on your diet and the extent to which you exercise.

I am allergic to lactose; can I take the protein powder?

No, the Whey Protein contains lactose.

Is the capsule big?

The most of our capsules are approximately 1 centimeter. With the exception of the Optimum and the Forte, these are approximately 10 mm.

The specialist did not mention iron, should I take it?

Yes, it is very important to take additional iron. Even more so for premenopausal women as they lose iron during the menstruation. The form of iron in our multivitamin can be easily absorbed by the body.


There are several reasons why this is important:

  • You eat smaller portions, so your body absorbs less iron from food.
  • Some people experience food intolerance after surgery. If this is the case, it is most common with red meat (an important source of iron).
  • Gastric acid is necessary for the absorption of iron. It transforms iron from plant-based food into a form that is easier to absorb by the body. However, after a bariatric surgery there is little to no gastric acid. This means the body is less efficient in absorbing iron.


Once you become deficient on iron, it is very difficult to treat this and to maintain a steady blood serum level. So, prevention is key! Do not wait with iron supplementation until you have an iron deficiency.


It is important to leave two hours between taking iron (either as separate tablet, or as part of the capsule) and the consumption or supplementation of calcium, because calcium decreases the absorption of iron.

Why do I need to take extra iron with the chewable?

The chew tablet does not contain iron. High dosages of iron have a very unpleasant taste and chewing on it can hurt. That is why the chew tablet is sold with a separate iron tablet. It is important to leave two hours between taking iron (either as separate tablet, or as part of the capsule) and the consumption or supplementation of calcium, because calcium decreases the absorption of iron.

Why do I experience nausea?

Our multivitamin contains very high dosages of vitamins and minerals and some of these micronutrients are known to cause nausea in some people. That is why it is very important not to take the multivitamin on an empty stomach. Also taking the multivitamin together with some coffee might help, because of the acidity of coffee. Another reason for nausea may be that the stomach, esophagus and small intestine are still sensitive. A lot has changed in your body after the surgery, and some patients experience food intolerance to certain foods such as pasta and (red) meat. You can try taking the multivitamin right before going to sleep, this way you might not be bothered by the nausea. For some people it helps switching from capsule to chew, or vice versa.


With clinical studies we evaluate the efficacy and safety of our products, but we also pay great attention to customer experience. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our supplements and to improve the customer experience. Decreasing nausea complaints is something we give high priority to.

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